So what's new?

It's so much easier to have a broken heart when you need one.

I don't have anything wise to say.
I don't have anything profound to say.
I hardly have anything to say.

To you.

Or to anyone for that matter.

I'm afraid I've been silent for so long I'm afraid I've lost my words.
I'm afraid that my words have found a new body to house them in.
I'm afraid I've been silent too many times sitting in the passenger seat of your car.

You tell me it's going to be okay.
"You're okay. You're more than okay."

I say.

You've always had more hope than I have.

You've seen my gold curls rope around and become nooses.
I've seen myself put the step latter underneath my curls, and step up.

Slide in.
Tight fight.

Step up.
Step up.


I'm apathetic towards you.
I just couldn't stop thinking tonight,

Holy H*CK, I will never miss you.

I'm better off without ya.

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  1. Simple, beautiful and real. Thank you for this Sarah and it has been a pleasure to read everything you've written.